​After breakfast I met with the film crew and started traveling to the first line. I was surrounded by some people I knew, but definitely took time to make new friends. The guides all introduced themselves and openly welcomed this American girl into their canyoning family.

We had this experience with our two boys: a 10 and a 6 year old. It was our first time and all the staff made everything to be perfect! Me and my little one were a little scared, but they made us feel comfortable and secure. After the first one, my 6 years old lost his fear and just had a great time with his brother! We rappelled down 4 times, and the first one is far the best! Also they took great pictures for the family and sell them on a DVD at the end. We had a wonderful and unforgettable time. For my kids, it was the best adventure at Costa Rica.

I was first welcome to Pure Trek by delicious breakfast. Fresh avocados, rice, beans, and perfectly seasoned eggs. FullSizeRenderI couldn’t forget the hot coffee (although I was awake by the adrenaline, I definitely needed the coffee). This wasn’t a typical part of the trip, but since they knew I had come from afar, they made an exception and fed me before the regularly scheduled lunch… which is a good thing considering I would spend the day getting my hike and rappel on.

The first lines is a line I’ll never forget. Although I’ve traveled the world and done everything from skydiving to bungee jumping, I had NEVER rappelled through a waterfall. Is it as awesome as it sounds? Yeah, it definitely is. It’s the kind of adventure that gets your blood pumping and inspires you to explore more… to do new things, and learn more about other things in line with canyoning. The moment you lean back hundreds of feet above a waterfall, only suspended by a line and a couple of carabiners, is a moment not many places can replicate. It’s a moment a new exploration starts… the moment you get excited.

​That was just the beginning. There were several more lines to go, and the fun had just begun. Sure I was “on set”… but there no need to put on a face for the camera when you’re legitimately having an amazing time. I bonded with everyone. The guides, the other “actors” and of course Cynthia. I was attached to several GoPros, and even had a drone follow me throughout my journey. I wasn’t ask to write thing blog– in fact I normally don’t sit down and write about my experiences that often, but this was an exception. I was so blown away by my time at Pure Trek, I asked if I could write about my experience in hope other would want to join and try it for themselves. So here it is.

If you haven’t been canyoning… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It’s one of those thing you must do if you visit Costa Rica. Go right now, Tell them Tabitha sent you. You won’t be disappointing.

The video I helped take part in right here!


Canyoning in Costa Rica with Pure Trek!

If you asked me to point out where “La Fortuna” was on a map a year ago, I would have been completely lost. Now, I consider it a second home.

This past summer I was fortunate enough to be invited to La Fortuna as a guest and host at some of the most majestic places around Costa Rica. Without even meeting, Cynthia Crummer, the owner and operator of Pure Trek, invited me to join her and her team on a canyoning adventure unlike anything I had EVER experienced.

I did not even know what the term “canyoning” meant until the day I arrived, and yes, it’s just as badass as you imagine.

Cynthia and I had never met before, we were simply introduced to each other by mutual friends who suggested we work together. I, as an adventurer and travel fanatic, decided to hop on a plane with just two days notice and meet Cynthia in person to help film a quick promotional video for her venture “Pure Trek Canyoning”.

I arrived past midnight, flying into San Jose, then taking a two hour car ride to La Fortuna the night before filming. Even with little sleep, I woke up before sunrise to the sounds and roosters and rainfall (something we don’t really get in Southern California). I was completely blown away by the beauty of the land and was immediately ready to explore.

La Fortuna is famous of the Arenal volcano. It not only is a sight to behold, but it also keeps the area thriving with plenty to explore. There are natural hot spring, cliffs, and waterfalls all waiting to be explored… I was about to explore the jungle around the volcano one rappelling line at a time.

​​US Toll Free:  (866) 569-5723        Costa Rica:  (506) 2479-1313        Email Us:  info@PureTrek.com