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At Pure Trek we take the health and safety of our clients and staff very seriously. Here are the COVID-19 protocols that we follow to ensure a care-free experience for all of our guests.


*Take temperature of each worker before and after each shift

*One person each shift in office

*All staff must use a full face protector

*All staff must maintain 2 meters distance from each other and providers

*Use hand sanitizer often

*Sanitize all keyboards before and after each shift

*Tape on the floor with 2 meters for all clients and providers to follow and see easily

*1 provider at a time in the office/accounting

*Sanitize all door knobs before and after use

*If anyone shows signs of fever, cough, aches or anything that is a sign of a sickness must go home immediately and self monitor until they feel better

*Hand sanitizer gel and alcohol will be at every entrance and distributed throughout the office

*Must disinfect all surfaces before and after client/provider or other staff member

*Disinfect keys before each use

*50% capacity less on each tour and all transportation.


*All staff must use full face protector

*All staff must wear latex gloves

*All staff must maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other

*2 staff members per shift

*Must disinfect all surfaces constantly

*Must disinfect all tables before and after clients

*Must disinfect and wash all silverware/plates after each use

*Hand sanitizer at entrance and inside kitchen

*Guides will serve food using gloves and face protector

*Hand sanitizer at each entrance of each Rancho

*Varios hand sanitizers throughout each Rancho for clients use

*Hand sanitizer at each table for client use

*Staff must disinfect bags, boxes etc from each provider/staff  before storing it in the kitchen


*All drivers must wear full face protector

*Must disinfect all door handles before and after each use

*Must disinfect vehicle’s inside before and after each client

*Hand Sanitizer for each client before and after entering or exiting vehicle

*All clients must wear face mask/covering while in the vehicle (Pure Trek will provide one at no cost if the client does not have a personal face covering)

*Disinfect keys before and after each use

*one client per seat row

*50% capacity on all transportation


*2 people per bathroom at a time (families and groups can go in together)

*1 bathroom monitor

  Disinfect all surfaces between each person/group

  Disinfect toilets between each use

*Hand sanitizer at the entrance


*Temperature taken at beginning and end of each tour

*All guides must wear full face protector at all times

*All guides must maintain 2 meters distance from each other and clients when possible

*All guides must have individual hand sanitizer on your person at all times and use it often

*Guides will serve lunch using full face protector and latex gloves


*Helmets sanitized between each use

*Harnesses sanitized between each use

*Clients use latex gloves inside the suede glove (provided by Pure Trek)

*New gloves for provided for private tours

*Rotate gloves out every 14 days

*Sanitize gloves after each use


*50% capacity on each tour

*20 person maximum on each tour

*Hand sanitizer at each entrance, exit and inside each Rancho

*Sanitize bathroom after each client

*Clients to maintain 2 meters distance on trails and in line to rappel

*Guides to maintain 2 meters distance when possible from each other and client