Is this tour safe?2020-02-07T18:15:34+00:00

Yes! Safety is our #1 priority in the canyon. You can read about our safety procedures 

Do you have to have physical strength to do the activity?2020-02-07T18:12:50+00:00

We recommend our clients to be moderate physical condition to participate in the tour.

For small children, older adults, or people with physical disabilities or challenges, we have a special way to lower you down each waterfall so you don’t have to use your strength to rappel down.

Rappelling down the waterfall takes some, but not much physical strength.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any health issues, heart problems or physical disabilities and we can help you decide if the tour is right for you based on your unique situation.

The most physically challenging part of the tour is leisurely hiking up and out of the canyon at the end of the tour.

Do you provide towels?2020-06-23T20:04:35+00:00

We used to. But due to Covid-19 precautions we are asking our guests to bring their own personal towels.

What kind of shoe is recommended? Do you rent them?2020-02-07T18:13:01+00:00

We recommend waterproof adventure shoes or sandals that stay securely on your feet. Running shoes, Teva sandals, hiking books, Keen water shoes, Chaco sandals are some examples of the type of shoes to wear.

We do not rent shoes.

Are we going to get wet?2020-02-07T18:13:06+00:00

YES! You will get wet and this is part of the fun and adventure!

Please bring a change of dry clothes and secure shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.

We run the tour rain or shine and will provide waterproof jackets on rainy days.

Do you serve gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan lunch options?2020-02-07T18:13:12+00:00

Yes! We can cater to all dietary restrictions. Please let us know in advance so that we can prepare something to meet your needs.

We, however, cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not happen so please let us know if you have any severe allergies that might be affected by cross-contamination.

What if I can’t swim?2020-02-07T18:13:21+00:00

The only part of the tour where you will be submerged in water is at our “Monkey Drop”. This part of the tour involves zip lining from a canyon wall to above a small pool of water. You will then drop into the pool of water and the guide at the bottom will pull you up so that you are standing in waist deep water. No swimming is involved in this part of the tour. You can also choose to avoid this part and still enjoy the waterfall rappelling.

What are the age requirements for canyoning?2020-02-07T18:13:29+00:00

The recommended age is 5 years and up! We have had people up to 80 years old go canyoning with us. There is a special way we lower down children and people with disabilities so that they don’t have to use strength or technique to rappel down.

What is required is that everyone who does the tour be in moderate physical condition with no heart problems or other serious health concerns. If you have a health issue, please contact up directly so that we can asses your unique situation.

The most physically challenging part of the tour is at the end when our clients leisurely hike to the top of the canyon for about 800 meters.

What are the weight requirements for canyoning?2020-02-07T18:13:34+00:00
If I go with my own transportation will I get a reduced rate? Can I meet you at the canyon?2020-02-07T18:11:38+00:00

Our canyoning tour includes transportation from all hotels within La Fortuna. We cannot offer a reduced rate if you prefer to drive your own car to our head offices. We don’t allow our guests to bring their own cars to the canyon.

Do we pick up from San Jose?2020-02-07T18:13:47+00:00

We pick our guests up anywhere within La Fortuna at no charge. We can pick you up in San Jose at an additional charge.

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